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Numerology is study of numbers where in deep knowledge is gained about positive and negative aspects of each number and their effects on your life. Depending on your date of birth, your name, Name Numerology governs various aspects of your life like personal growth, success, relationships, health etc. It is important to have a perfect balance of numerology to attain peace and happiness in life.


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Nitin Sharma(BNI Gurgaon-Influencers) Chef / Owner

I, Nitin Sharma represent my company Chef's Kitchen Caterers Gurgaon, a premier catering company in Delhi-NCR and we cater to small house warming party to weddings and big corporate events. It is a delight to recommend Dr. Divya Malhotra(Numerologist), who I refer unhesitatingly to all BNI members. 6 months ago my wife introduced me to Divya and asked me to take her services as at that time our business wasn't giving us much back as compared to hard work put in. So we put our situation to Divya and she gave us some solutions as per numerology and we started doing it religiously. Results started showing after a couple of months and during the peak season we were so busy that we were not able to handle the incoming catering requirements. Now after 6 months, we are moving into a 1500 sq.feet kitchen from 600 sq.feet. I would highly recommend Dr. Divya Malhotra for her knowledge in Numerology and definitely believe in that, as it has worked for us. Thank you Divya for guiding us and your experience shows in the results achieved.

Mr Nimesh Shah Proprietor

I had approch Dr. Divya Malhotra to make a numerology chart for my Nephew, under her guidance & after adopting the changes suggested by her major issue of their family was 80% solved & remaining 20% will disolved in few weeks. Her recommendation was excellent I would highly recommended her as a numorologist par excellence to all & wish her All The Best For Her Bright Future

Mr Siraj Sagar Jondhale Founder & CEO

It is an honour in itself to have you in our list of esteemed Awardess at the prestigious 4th Edition of INSPIRE-Spiritual, Holistic & Wellness Visionary Awards 2018 at Mumbai on 10 June 2018.

Mr Kanhay Visharia Deep Industries

Kanhay working at Deep Industries, which is into Printing & Packaging, would like to give my personal reference to Diivyaa Malhotra, Numerologists who is a part of BNI Champions Chapter from Mumbai South. Diivyaa Malhotra gave me an in depth reading. The information was not just informative but validating. The information explained aspects of my life past present and future. She hit on key years in my life that were the most challenging. Incredibly satisfying session. She gave me a wealth of information. She is truly an expert in the field of numerology. Our culture is ignorant of the profound wisdom that Numerology has to offer us, and it is largely dismissed and disparaged as superstitious garbage. A Numerology reading with Diivyaa Malhotra is sure to dispel that misguided conviction, and to restore respect for the mystery of this ancient art.

Mr Devendra Gandhi

Just like her 30 seconds every week, which every one will agree is excellent, so is her Daily Day Guidance which not only available with the morning Alarm but is excellent guiding star for our day. I refer to Ms. Dr. Divya Malhotra our Numerologist of Numerology - Precise Solution, who is always enlightening our life's like Diya. The daily dose has helped me to improve to remove Little Creases in my Business and smoothened the path towards growing in the Business slowly and gradually. As I happen to follow her daily dose, one specific day having used and do what she had said to take care on 26th September, 2017, I was able to get business from my client who had not contacted me for almost 5-7 years of almost, called upon me and not only gave business Rs.70.00 lakhs but also referred to his friend in Doha-Qutar. Even though the gain in business may not be directly measured, its for sure that her Numerology is working for me in positive direction of going Northwards in my Business

Ms Divya Bhatia

All of us are strong women. But sometimes we need a little nudge, a push, a little reassurance, a little help. That's the kind of confidence I got when I consulted numerologist Gunjan Diivyaa Malhotra. Her remedies are simple and her talk is powerful. She made me feel so much more empowered. And the best part is she was so accessible all the time. Do reach out to her if you need help. God Bless you Diivvaa

Mr Vishal Ramaiya Fusion Designs

I, Vishal Ramaiya, Fantasy Artist and Proprietor of Fusion Designs would like to give this testimonial to Dr. Divya Malhotra of Numerology Precise who is a Numerologist of BNI Champions Chapter - Mumbai South. I had consulted Divya a few months back. It was an amazing experience to get my numerology report made from her. All that Divya has predicted me about my forthcoming months and achievements in pipeline have come up bang true. Especially, Divya had mentioned that my Birth month i.e; July will bring in unimaginable surprises. Well it really did. The best of the things happened to me during the whole month. The super gift was the acknowledgement of my artworks by Dr. Ivan Misner, Father of BNI networking global platform. This happened, the very next day after my Birthday. I would strongly recommend everyone to consult Divya for getting a precise solution on your current / future life to make changes accordingly. She is very good at what she does. All the best to her for her future endeavours. Keep Shining!

Ms Aafreen

Had consulted Dr. Divya Malhotra this year regarding my some personal issues and mainly for my business for which I was looking for a brand name. Divya's advised me to change the spelling of my name and also told me to use numerical 4 in my brands name i.e herbs4sure. After these changes I really felt positive about my business and hope it grows all the more with her guidance and support.

Mr Nishant Shah LAC Relocations

It gives me great pleasure to say that Dr. Divya Malhotra's Numerology has been on point for me. This was something that I never believed in. But after receiving my personal numerology report, I read it with great interest and started to make the minor changes in my daily routine. To my surprise, I started seeing visible changes in my attitude and behavior towards life, especially towards my work. I can proudly say that I will personally recommend Divyaji to all my friends and family that require guidance in their life.

Mr Madhuusudaan Rao

Numbers weren't very important for me until I met Dr. Divya Malhotra & her numerology solutions. I had a great experience on knowing about how right numbers can change you results and life to quite an extend It is about how your weakness can be converted into strength with the help of using right numbers on a long term or a day to day basis. be it a carrier. finance. new projects etc. you truly deserve to say that life is a number garne. Play it well 6 safely With all the sincerity and trust I truly recommend Slays Malhotra for her Numerological Solutions Once again wishing her all the very best for her future endeavor

Ms Mamta Bhatt Makup Artist And Hair Stylist

I Am Mamta Bhatt Professional Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist. Dr. Divya Malhotra Numerologist Who Provides Numerology, Divya's 'numerology Precise Solutions' Is Truly Precise If Followed As I Got 100 % Result. I Am More Than Happy With 'numerology Precise Solutions' By Dr. Divya Malhotra For The Numerology And Signature Analysis Done Which I Am Following As Per The Suggestions Given And Am Very Satisfied With The Results. Thus, Dr. Divya Malhotra's 'numerology Precise Soliutions' Is Highl Recommended!

Mr Marin Mota

I, Marin Mota From Marin Trading Dealing In All Types Of Foodgrains, Dryfruits, Spices, Oils. Giving Testimonial To Dr. Divya Malhotra. I Am Thoroughly Impressed And Amazed At How High In Depth And Accurate My And My Friends Numerology Report Was. As I Read Through Each Section I Found Myself Saying"Yes" Thats Me Over And Over And Over Again. The Reading Also Shed Light On Some Aspects Of My Personality And Life Path That I Wasnt Completely Aware Of So I Now Have The Opportunity To Explore And Develop Those Attributes As A Result I Am Grateful To Dr. Divya Malhotra For That. Dr. Divya Malhotra Clearly Has A Talent And A Gift For Numerology And I Highly Recommend All For Her Readings To Anyone That Desires Greater Insight To Their Lifes Purpose And Souls Path.

Ms Shefali Sharma

I had consulted Gunjan Dr. Divya Malhotra , (unable to tag her) numerologist and I had a very pleasant experience. When I started telling her about my problems, she told me to stop so that she could let me know what my situation / condition / problems are and to my surprise She was so accurate and advised in a very positive way and gave me very uncomplicated solutions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would want to consult a numerologist and would like to thank her help me get

Ms Shabnam Chugh

I Shabnam Chugh wife of Sanjay Chugh.who runs a business of selling multi car brands new and pre-owned under the banner of Smooth Drive. I Met Divyya Malhotra 6months ago where I shared details about my Daughters weeding. As when would it happen. she asked me to follow some remeidies on a day to day basis. I did Follow all her instructions and remedies with full trust and devotion and today I am a happier person

Nidhi Lamba

*A VERY BIG THANK YOU @⁨Dr-Divya Malhotra⁩ for giving me this opportunity to learn this science of numbers* As a child I was always fascinated with my father’s accuracies with palmistry and face reading. How each time he would recommend before any ‘pandit’ did that the name must be changed/ the direction of doing puja during a havan- I would wonder ‘how does he know it all- he hasnt even gained any education in this field’. No he wasn’t a certified palmists/astrologist, yet everyone believed his predictions and followed his remedies. I tried back then to read a few of his books- they went way above my level of grasping any bit of knowledge. Pretty average at academics I would often ask him, what will I do in life? He would simply smile n say- ‘you’ll see’ (he never gave us -his family any answers). He passed away 9 years ago. The day @⁨Dr-Divya Malhotra⁩ called me and said ‘hey I have finally done my doctorate and got my degree!’ I was so so thrilled, ‘WOW’ I thought, she has done it!!! Even back then I didnt know, I will ever ask her to teach me any of it. But I am so grateful for the day that finally arrived when I asked her if she would teach me and she agreed. Thank you so much for taking me a step closer towards my father’s shoes... it is still a long journey until I fit into them!

Mayur Heroor Residential Property Designer

I Mayur Heroor , Propreitor At Mha Interior Designs Wud Like To Personally Recommend Ms Divya Malhotra - Our Own Numerologist & More Of A Guiding Force. Her Numerology Calculations and Observations Opened Many Unknown Facets About Myself As Person and Rather About Life On a Holistic Approach Which I Was Not Even Aware But On Detailed Reading Found Much Of Them To Be True & Realistic. Sunday Ho Ya Monday But One Thing Never Fails is The Daily Brief Report From Dr Divya as Per Numerology Calculations. Thanks Dr Divya Malhotra For The Continous Support

Ruchika Chandra

I Ruchika representing Ruchis studio have a testimonial Fr Divya Malhotra from numerology precise solutions. I had consulted Divya Fr my full numberolgy report. To my please by surprise the detailed report was ready with a couple of days. After seeing the report I was amazed as to how precise n detailed the report was n the level of depth the report covered. The report not only gave me intricate details of solutions going forward for me It also gave the clarity I needed to pursue my next project. And Divya is always kind enough to always answer any kind of questions at any time. Her being always approachable makes it easier to connect with her n get answers to many questions which one might feel hesitant to ask otherwise.